Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Did you know we have a YouTube channel with great videos on it? The one here shows our local partner at Attersee explaning the divesite, Schlierwand. We love the video so we wanted to give you an exclusive behind-the-scenes making of it!

After the app was finished, we discussed the best way to promote it and decided producing a short clip with our local partner, Bocki from "Under Pressure Dive Center", would be a fun way to get the word out about our app. We wanted to keep it simple so we asked him to explain the tour at the common divesite Schlierwand.

Our set up was quite easy:
We put up a greenscreen and recorded Bocki in front of that so we could add a background in later. The audio was recorded with an even more simple set up: I used a lavalier microphone - it's quite small, common in recording for television and you can put them on nearly every piece of clothing. This mic is great because you can connect it to your iPhone and use a professional audio recording app to get the audio.

Since it was windy, I decided to use a windjammer to reduce disturbing noises. Of course, I brought along a proper camera and a tripod to ensure high video quality.

Once the recording facilities were set up, we were able to get the material pretty fast. After three takes everything was finished and we were ready to move into the post production.

The post production started with editing the audio with effects and plug-ins like compressors, filters and Equalizers.

Right after that, our in-house multimedia designer recorded the screen video of the diving tour and placed it over the green screen. Then, Bocki was put in front of the screen recording so while he's speaking, you're able to see the tour.

You can see the final product as well as our other videos here!

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