Tuesday, February 28, 2017

New wrecks out now: Ocean Maps expands Florida App with two more dive sites

Last month, Ocean Maps had Ups and Downs: The market entry in the US was a great success as well as the presentations at two of the most important watersport fairs: The DEMA in Las Vegas and the BOOT in Düsseldorf (Germany). Ocean Maps went down in Florida to add two more dive spots in the Florida Scuba Diving App. The spots belong to the best what the east coast in the US has to offer:

The wreck of the ,,Duane“:
The Duane has a moving history behind her: She was used to observe the weather in Greenland as well as during the 2nd World War. Moreover, she was used during Vietnam War and by the Coast Guard – she is claimed the ship with the most years in duty of military service. 1987 she was sunk near Key Largo. She now rests in a depth of 40 meters and with her total length of 100 meters, she attarcts scuba divers from all over the world.

The ,,Miami Fish Tanks“:
In 1994 it was proved, that tanks cannot swim. Two M60 military tanks were sunk together with limestone rocks to build an artificial reef. Nowadays, scuba divers can watch a vibrant marine life with lots of corals and fish. The tanks are next to the Matthew Lawrence barge in a depth of 15 meters. The flora and fauna as well as the extraodinary objects make it to one of the most interesting dive sites in Florida.

About Ocean Maps GmbH

Ocean Maps GmbH creates the world’s first interactive 3D dive maps based on high resolution sonar- satellite and video data. The application helps divers to explore underwater worlds before actually going there.


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